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Puppy Starters

Is your dog under six months old? Then they’re perfect for our Puppy Starters program! This age-appropriate class has been heralded by our clients as “The Best Puppy Class in the Entire Triangle!” because it is designed to put you and your puppy in a fun and successful learning environment. Training should begin early in a dog’s life and attending a puppy class is a great way to start building their love for learning (and you!). We believe training should be fun, so everything is age-appropriate. This class follows the AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy program to teach our puppies basic manners and obedience – while not overwhelming your puppy or moving too quickly. Our primary focus is to give you the skills you’ll need so that you’ll form life-long bonds and raise your puppy to be a well-socialized, well-mannered adult. This class promises to get you and your puppy excited for training.

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Did you just bring home a new family dog or have you been putting off training and now you need some help teaching manners around the house? Then Foundations is the perfect fit! Our Foundations class is more than your typical commands class. We address common problems – potty training, crate training, nipping, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, stealing food, and destructive chewing, as well as obedience commands such as sit, down, wait, stay, focus, come when called, drop it, leave it, and more! We also cover other areas of dog ownership, such as socialization, grooming, nutrition, and toy shopping (want to find a toy your dog can’t destroy?). In Foundations, you will learn how dogs learn and communicate so you can get a behavior every time you ask for it, have a calm dog who is under control in any situation, and is a joy to be around, whether at home or out in public.

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Ready for more?


Focused Fidos

Have you graduated Puppy Starter or Foundations and are ready for more? In Focused Fidos, you’ll use your new knowledge and skills to teach your dog more manners, better behavior, and terrific tricks! This “potpourri” class mixes manners, obedience, tricks, agility, nosework, canine good citizen skills, off-leash socialization – basically all our classes rolled into one unique, on-going class. Focused Fidos is a drop-in, on-going class that’s different each week and is a great class to help you get to that “next level” and have a good time with your dog. You can build on your current skills while learning new ones or just keep having fun with your dog week-to-week while trying new things and bonding together.

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Fantastic Fidos

Fantastic Fidos is an outdoor group class for those of you who have completed either a Puppy Starters or Foundations course and are hoping to attain your Canine Good Citizen, Advanced CGC, or Urban CGC award through the AKC, work towards an off-leash recall, finesse your loose-leash walking skills, or build on your current manners and obedience while adding real world distractions. The Fantastic Fidos curriculum does not differ each week as much as the Focused Fidos class, as we are primarily focusing on key outside skills. This is a great class to help you get to that “next level” and have a good time with your dog. Please note, due to this class being held outside, it will only be offered from September to June.

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AKC Canine Good Citizen Training

Canine Good Citizen

American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test – Responsible owners, well-mannered dogs. The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is the gold standard for dog behavior. In the CGC test, your dog must pass ten mini tests – including sitting politely while being petted by a friendly stranger, walking loose on a leash around other people, staying in place, coming when called, and being left with a new person – in order to pass the test as a whole and earn a certificate and the official AKC CGC title. Dogs with the CGC title have the suffix “CGC” after their names. All Dogs Allowed offers group classes to practice the skills needed to pass the CGC test. We also offer testing times for the CGC test itself. Is your dog ready to become a Canine Good Citizen?

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Want to change things up?


Agility for Fun

Fun is the key word here! Both you and your dog will have a blast as we teach our dogs to jump over hurdles, run through tunnels, and balance on the wobble board. Do you have a shy or fearful dog? Agility training is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to build confidence and help their personalities bloom! A great option for high-energy dogs, owners who don’t have a fenced-in backyard to play in, or for teams just looking for a new way to bond and something new to try. All of our Agility for Fun classes are held indoors, in a temperature-controlled facility, so you can run and play no matter the weather.

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Fun Training Class for dogs

Nosework for Fun

Again, fun is the key word here! Does your dog love to use his nose? Why not enroll him in a Nosework for Fun class? Even if you think your dog has a “defective sniffer,” you’d be surprised at his ability to discover and locate individual scents. Do you have a shy or fearful dog? Nosework can be an excellent way to build independent confidence while still bonding with you. A great option for teams wanting to bond in a new way or who are looking for something new to try. All of our Nosework for Fun classes are held in and indoor, temperature-controlled facility, until individual teams are ready to tackle Nosework outside of the classroom.

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Doggie Dates

Imagine an indoor, temperature-controlled, off-leash dog park where a lifeguard is always “on duty” – that’s our Doggie Dates class! This class offers a perfect balance of education and fun. While your dog plays off-leash (with trainer supervision), you’ll learn about their unique social behavior, social preferences, appropriate vs. inappropriate play, on- and off-leash greetings, dog body language, and more. Groups will be matched up based on temperament, size, age, and compatibility, and students can look forward to on-going play sessions and life-long friendships between owners and dogs. Think of this as your private and educational dog park!

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