Nosework Dog Training Cary NC

Fun is the key word here! Does your dog love to use his nose? Why not enroll him in a Nosework for Fun class? Even if you think your dog has a “defective sniffer,” you’d be surprised at his ability to discover and locate individual scents. Do you have a shy or fearful dog? Nosework can be an excellent way to build independent confidence while still bonding with you. A great option for teams wanting to bond in a new way or who are looking for something new to try. All of our Nosework for Fun classes are held in and indoor, temperature-controlled facility, until individual teams are ready to tackle Nosework outside of the classroom.

*You must take at least one Intro to Nosework class with All Dogs Allowed before enrolling in our Nosework for Fun 1 class.*

This is one of our on-going classes so you can enroll and begin coming to class at any time. It is also very flexible and accommodates busy schedules. Weekly attendance is not required, and there are no makeup lessons required for missed weeks. You have twelve business weeks to attend your six classes. You do not need to know which six dates you will attend ahead of time. We only ask that if you are going to miss a class, you email your instructor beforehand to let them know. Students are given a chance to renew for another six weeks of fun at the end of each package, and can continue to attend in their class session as long as space is available.


** July 8th 2017 – Our Nosework for Fun instructor will be unavailable until around October 2017. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes when planning your classes with us. **

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