Aromatherapy for Dogs – Sunday, October 8th 10am-12pm


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Aromatherapy has become so popular, even Wal Mart is selling essential oils! When it comes to our animal friends, however, there are important considerations we must take into account. Thanks to the internet and social media sites, there is a plethora of misinformation as well as downright dangerous practices floating around out there!

Join me for this seminar to learn how we can safely use essential oils and hydrosols to support our dog’s physical and emotional well-being. This seminar is a power point presentation with hands-on activities, video clips, and handouts for note-taking. It includes an excellent list of resources for you!

In this seminar you will learn:
– Difference between essential oils and hydrosols
– How to safely use essential oils with your dog
– Proper dilutions
– What essential oils can and cannot do
– Dispelling rumors-grades of oils
– How to offer oils or blends to your dog
– Principles of Zoopharmacognosy – What is it? How does it work? Why is it important to consider?
– Top 10 essential oils to start with
– What to look for when purchasing oils
– GCMS – What is it? Why does it matter?
– Carrier oils and other botanicals

Wondering if this class is for you?
– Do you have an itchy dog that you want to treat naturally?
– Does your dog suffer from various forms of anxiety?
– Does your dog get dry skin?
– Does your dog get chronic ear infections?
– Does your dog suffer from insect bites?
– Does your dog have inflammation or pain?
– Do you just want to strengthen the bond between you and your dog?

If so, then this seminar is for you. Each participant will walk away with a firm understanding of how to safely use essential oils with their dog, where to purchase quality oils, and so much more. There will be time for questions and answers. Each participant will also receive a 1 oz. Organic Lavender hydrosol from Animal Aromatics. Please note: This is a humans-only workshop (please do not bring your dog).

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