Private Training Consultation / Strategy Session


“When we signed up for a Private Training Consultation with Lindsay, she determined that Diem’s reactivity was based on insecurity and fear, not aggression. In our Private Training lessons, she has been teaching us techniques to help distract and redirect Diem’s reactive behavior, as well as games and activities to do with her to build up her confidence. The best part is that all of these training techniques reward desired responses instead of punishing undesired ones, which works well with Diem’s sensitive personality.” – Jenny & Diem


Product Description

New to All Dogs Allowed and not sure what the best training program would be for you and your dog? This 45-minute consultation/strategy session will give you the answers you need! One of our Behavior Specialists will meet with you and your dog, one-on-one, at our training facility, to evaluate and make recommendations that suit your goals and your dog’s needs.

Do you have a dog with challenging behavior – such as on-leash reactivity (barking, growling, and/or lunging while on leash), excessive barking, destructive behavior, separation anxiety, confinement distress, fearfulness of people or other dogs, hyperactivity, or aggression? No problem! That’s why we’re called All Dogs Allowed!

Our flexible private training packages allow for personal, one-on-one attention so we can tailor a custom training program to tackle individual needs.

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