When we took our first puppy class elsewhere I was told Ernie was “too social” to graduate on to the next level. Karen at All Dogs Allowed helped us see this as a positive and rise far beyond that next level. Ernie has far surpassed my expectations — he passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test at 7 months old!¬†With Karen’s help I can see the only thing holding him back is my ability to appropriately communicate with him. What an amazing experience –we will continue to learn and grow with Karen’s help.


Hi Karen,

We wanted to thank you for all your knowledge and help over the last 10 weeks in Puppy Starter class. We have had several people comment on how well behaved Tealy Mae is out in public and how well she walks on her leash. She is only 4 1/2 months old! I am so proud of her and we wouldnt be where we are today without your class. We look forward to the next level and cannot wait to see what it brings.

We highly recommend your class to everyone in need. When we started researching trainers your name always came up and All Dogs Allowed was at the top of the list. Thank you for everything!


I adopted Tao, aka Mr. T, when I realized that my other two Aussies were at the age in which walking was their preferred exercise. My hope was that Mr. T would become my new running buddy. My older Aussies are well behaved, so I figured a one year old Aussie wouldn’t be too much work…boy was I wrong. We enrolled in Karen’s puppy class so I could take Mr. T back to the basics and break all the bad habits he had developed in his prior home. We were both blessed to have Karen come into our lives, because with out her knowledge and guidance we would have had a rough start to our new lives together. Karen’s classes are not your typical training classes. They are so much more! I love going to class and learning how to be a better doggie parent. Mr. T needs a lot of work to build his confidence and channel his energy and intelligence. Both Mr. T and I know that Karen will help us reach our full potential as a training team!


Hi Karen,

We just wanted to tell you that Puppy Starters was a great class!

I am so glad John did a lot of research and found you for our animal/human training sessions. If we took any of the other classes that were advertised, we would never have gained the amount of knowledge you gave to us each week. We still have so much to continue to practice and your background is incredible. You amaze us every week with your knowledge.



Hank is a min-pin beagle mix.

When we came to Karen Hank was a pretty unruly one year old puppy. We started with Foundations class hoping to improve his behavior and noticed some immediate improvements.

We have since moved on to multiple Focused Fidos classes. Hank and trainer learn something new in every class and Hank is always excited to go to class. Karen’s method of positive reinforcement works wonders and Hank is learning skills and tricks that I never thought possible.

So, thanks, Karen and we look forward to continuing Hank’s training with your help.


Darla, LuluBelle and Chelsea were adopted recently – after their work with us on auto watch, touch, and making choices at the shelter and / or adoption events! I talked to a new volunteer about working with 8 under-socialized “J-Litter” puppies; not approaching them or trying to pet them, just walking around and dropping treats. (Indy shared her Cheerios and cheese.) At the end of Taylor’s time with them (45 minutes of just hanging out on the deck) they were coming up to her tails wagging and also coming to others.

Other volunteers and visitors were amazed. Amy has a transfer offer for them in the works to a great rescue. The pups were going to rescue anyway, but imagine how they are now different when they ‘land’ in their new fosters’ and rescuers’ hands. We use what you teach. You are making a big difference here – 2.5 hours away.

I have been to sessions/series with 6 dog trainers through my life and you have made the largest impact on me, thus allowing me to help the shelter dogs more. We are going to try “treat train” this afternoon at the shelter with some new volunteers. Hopefully, seeing the dogs respond will also have the volunteers responding positively and making a choice about returning to work with the dogs soon. And, short term, the dogs are entertained, happier and people are more understanding of who dogs are and what they need.

Thanks to you for all the great tips and insight!