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Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it at All Dogs Allowed – from puppy classes to foundations for older dogs, from achieving your AKC Canine Good Citizen title, to just finding a place to have fun with your dog – we have something for everyone! Our facility allows us to accommodate puppies, socialites, dogs in need of space or special needs, and more! We have worked with various breeds and have no restrictions or prejudices. No matter the shape, size, age, or temperament – your dog is welcome here… and so are you!

No matter where you are in your training, All Dogs Allowed can help you get to the next level of understanding and success with your dog. Since we don’t just want you to get results in the moment – we want you to understand why you got them, how to get them in the future, and how to apply the techniques to other behavior – we cover every learning style in both our Group Classes and Private Training avenues. To start, we verbally cover our training techniques and why they are effective. Then, we will visually show you the training exercises and answer any questions you might have. Once you feel comfortable, we will have you physically do the training yourself and will be there to help you troubleshoot, every step of the way. Lastly, after each session with us, we will send you an email with written descriptions of your exercises and training plan, for you to keep forever. However you learn best, we’ve got you covered!

Not sure what program or class would be best for you?  Every dog is unique, and their training should be too! If you’re interested in a Group Class or Private Training Program, but you’re not sure which one is right for you, please read the overviews and FAQs below. You can also fill out a Contact Us form and one of our trainers will contact you with the best option for your training needs.

Group Classes 

At All Dogs Allowed, Group Classes are our specialty – from Puppy Classes to Therapy Dog certification prep, from fundamental skills for adult dogs to “for fun” classes – we have something for everyone! Our Group Classes typically cover manners and obedience training – sit, down, wait, come, etc. in addition to nipping problem behaviors like jumping on guests, chewing inappropriate things, and not coming when called. To keep our Group Classes small, we max out at six teams (or less, depending on the type of class). The teams in our Group Classes love the proven curriculums as well as the price point – since you are sharing the training room and instructor with other teams, all of our Group Classes have very affordable prices. Of course, the drawback to Group Classes is that you will be sharing the space and trainer’s time with up to 5 other teams – this means sticking to the class curriculum (versus your goals – which may or not be completely covered), going at the class pace (versus your pace – which might be faster or slower, depending on the skill or behavior), and could give you less time to get hands-on troubleshooting from your instructor.

Private Training 

Private, one-on-one training is a great avenue for any problems you are having with your dog or any behaviors or skills you want to work on with them. With Private Training, we have the flexibility to solve any behavior problems, especially those not covered in our Group Classes – such as on-leash reactivity (barking and lunging at others), excessive barking, confinement distress, resource guarding, fearfulness of people or dogs, or aggression. In addition, we can schedule our training sessions at our training facility, at a local park, or at your home. Our clients also love the flexible scheduling options – where we schedule based on your successes, backslides, and homework assignments (not how fast we think you should be going) and can schedule on differing days and time, depending on your schedule. While other trainers schedule weekly sessions to push you through your program as fast as they can, we will schedule based on your training plan and be with you, every step of the way, and coach you to be successful without us – long after your program ends.

Other Services 

At All Dogs Allowed, we have more than Group Classes and Private Training – we offer Seminars & Events, Rescue Partnerships, Online Training Services, and so much more – either by offering these services ourselves or renting out our training center for others to host their workshops. For Seminars & Events, we present on topics like understanding dog body language, solving reactive (excitement, fearful, or aggressive) behavior, how to be successful in the rescue world, and dog-bite prevention, as well as host workshops on pet CPR and first aid, pet nutrition, and how to make your own dog toys for your dogs or homeless pets in your community. Through our Rescue Partnerships, we provide much-needed training and support to local rescuers and their fosters by giving them specialized training services and a direct link to ask questions about problematic behavior or train a cute trick to increase adoptability. By teaching and coaching the fosters themselves, instead of just the dog in their care, we set them up for success with future fosters. Lastly, if you don’t live in our area – no problem! Our Online Training Services give us the ability to help you remotely, all from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are currently undergoing maintenance and are unfinished. If you have a question about our services, please call or email. You can find our phone number at the bottom of any page and our Contact Us forms on our Contact Us page.

General Questions

If you haven’t emailed us or spoken to one of our trainers already, please read through our Getting Started Page – the page you should currently be viewing. Whenever possible, we’d prefer for you to read over this page before purchasing a group class or private training program so you can understand more about how our programs work, what behaviors each program is geared towards solving, and the details of each program. If you have any questions, you can also fill out a contact form or schedule a phone consultation with us through our Contact Us page. Please note, due to our dependable results and the success our clients have with us, our training programs are so popular and sought-after that it may take us several days to return any emails or phone calls.

Answer this question.

Positive Reinforcement training is a wavelength of training in which something is added to increase the probability of a repeated behavior. In many cases, we add a reward after our dogs present a behavior that we like. when a dog starts to associate their own good behavior producing pleasant experiences (a cookie, a game of tug, a chew toy), then they are more likely to provide that good behavior.

For us, training isn’t just about achieving the finished behavior. Building bonds, establishing mutual trust/respect, and helping dogs become more confident & creative are all more important to us than any single cue or command we teach them. Even if it was an undeniable fact that using physical manipulation/force has no negative effect on the dog, and was a faster or more efficient means of getting the final product, we enjoy the byproducts of this kind of training.

The short answer: Because training should be FUN and because it works! Positive reinforcement training is only part of a much larger conversation about operant conditioning where there are positive and negative reinforcements and punishments. We often get hung up on the words “positive/negative” and “reinforcement/punishment.” Try replacing these words with adding/removing and increasing/decreasing. With positive reinforcement, we are ADDING a reward to INCREASE the probability that a behavior will be repeated.

Here is a great article with a small diagram showing the quadrant that involves positive/negative and reinforcement/punishment and that breaks down the differences:

We prefer to us positive reinforcement training because it is the most effective way to teach a new behavior and it makes for a more pleasant experience for all learners (dog owner and dog).

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To start, usually something soft and chewy than can easily be broken/split into much smaller pieces is ideal. Most treats that are marketed as “training treats” will meet that criteria. However, any sort of appropriate food reward can be used if your dog likes them. We recommend bringing two types of treats to class with you; this will help you to determine which treat your dog might like best and prevent something called “treat fatigue.”

Since we are working with living, breathing beings with minds of their own, it is not responsible or ethical for any trainer to guarantee success in training. Can you guarantee your teenager will never drive one mile over the speed limit, even with the best driving instructor and lessons? Of course not! What we can guarantee is this: we guarantee that we will give you everything you need for success. What you do with it is up to you. Success in training includes many factors outside of our control – your dog’s personality and needs, your goals and whether or not they are attainable, your ability to absorb and implement the training lessons, and, most importantly, genetic breed traits or missed critical developmental windows. Working with a professional dog trainer increases your chances of improving your life with your dog, but there are some behaviors that cannot be removed from your dog – only controlled. While we can give you the skills and tools needed to control these behaviors, we cannot guarantee how often you will put the training into place once we have left.

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We encourage the entire human household to be involved in training their new pet: spouses, partners, children, etc. If your child/children is/are able to sit quietly for an hour of class, they are more than welcome to attend with you and your dog. There is a lot of material covered in each class and may be difficult for some children to sit through.

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Answer this question.

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Anwser this question.

Yes, 99% of the pictures on our website are actually dogs who have attended our training classes or lessons. Currently, the only exceptions are the product pictures used on our Seminars and Events page – those are stock photos used to match the description of the seminar or event. Want to have your dog featured on our website? Be on the lookout for one of our Mini Photo Shoots, which happen once or twice a year.

Group Class Questions

Private Training Questions

The dog’s behavioral problems and owner’s needs typically dictate our training plan. Since we have a facility, we are able to offer something unique – a temperature-controlled classroom to learn and practice behaviors in, before heading “out into the real world” – much like learning a foreign language in a classroom before your big trip abroad! Since a lot of dog training and behavior modification requires learning new skills to achieve better behavior, where better to practice than a classroom where we can control the environment – other people, other dogs, equipment for confidence-building, etc. Then, once you feel comfortable with the techniques (and your dog has mastered the skills in a neutral, low-distraction setting), we can move our lessons to a local park, your neighborhood, or even in your house or yard.

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The biggest benefit to training in our facility first is that you’ll get to practice the training techniques and teach our dog to offer better behavior, without feeling frustrated or embarassed, since we have control over the environment – other people, other dogs, etc. We usually start off working inside our training facility, then move to your neighborhood, then move to a local park – much like learning to swim in the shallow-end of a pool, then moving to the deep-end, then swimming in the ocean. You won’t have to worry about friends or family watching you and your dog until you’ve had time to practice and you’re dog is getting the hang of it too!

At this time, we do not offer any board and train options. This is due to two factors: 1. Our training facility is not an ideal location for board and train services (and most of our trainers are not able to offer board and train services from her homes). 2. Many board and train programs are expensive, require the dog to be away from their owners for 3-6 weeks, and don’t do a good enough job coaching the owners on how to keep the bad behaviors from returning. Unfortunately, being on closed Facebook groups and dog trainer forums has shown the darkside of board and trains – dog trainers who brag about how much money they make off each family for doing the least amount of work. Many trainers train the dog to the lowest acceptable level and deliberately don’t teach the owners how to continue the training so that the bad behaviors come back and the trainer gets to collect payments on “refresher” stays. Until we can offer quality board and train options that set owners up for success (and don’t break the bank), we can’t, ethically, offer them.

While you may be used to training programs that are scheduled on a designated day, at a designated time, for the entirety of the program, this is the fastest way to burn through your program without getting you the results you need. And then you’re stuck without a trainer to help you. Especially for harder to solve behavior problems, why would we meet once a week? That’s not nearly enough time to absorb and implement training exercise or build new habits for yourself or your dog (considering it takes twenty-one days to successfully build a new habit). This is one of the main reasons why other training programs (or training methods) get a bad rap.

Our approach is different. We do not schedule multiple sessions ahead of time to push you through your program as fast as possible. We do not have a concrete training plan laid out ahead of time to progress at our own pace. In private, one-on-one training, why would we? You are going to have successes and back-slides. You’re going to have questions and need troubleshooting help. Those always need to be factored in. 

With us, at the end of each lesson, we will discuss homework assignments and exercises. Based on how easy or extensive the homework is, we’ll make suggestions on how long until we meet again (of course, we’re always available via phone or email). When we send out scheduling options, we will send out a variety of days/times over a two- to four-week span. By scheduling lessons based on your progress, versus how quickly we believe you should be progressing, we make long-lasting changes in your life. 

This also means that every student’s training plan will be different. Your neighbor who referred you to us might have taken four months to complete their plan, versus you and your dog who complete your training in eight weeks. We might meet every-other-week for the first few lessons, then once a month for the next couple, then you might want to hold on to your remaining session(s) for when you need additional help. This is the greatest benefit to private, one-on-one help. We tailor our programs to truly help resolve your training needs.

Our program’s prices are due to our dependable results, not just the features and benefits. We understand that we may not have the least expensive training programs around, so we also offer a range of avenues for all different economic situations, such as our Online Training or Seminar options. While some of our smaller Private Training programs may not be as extensive or cover all of your goals, they are fantastic at laying a good foundation for you to build upon – either independently or with us at a later date. Along with text support, YouTube videos, and PDF handouts, we’re here to work with you and help you achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in our Private Training programs, but cannot afford the total cost all at once, we also accept credit cards and PayPal Credit. This way, you can get started now, but also give you more time to make payments.

Online Training Questions

Seminars & Events Questions

As of right now, we offer the following seminars at our facility:

  1. Speak Dog – Understanding Canine Body Language: which is a seminar on understanding dogs’ unique way of communicating and how we can use this knowledge to alleviate stress and miscommunication, avoid fights and bites, and build a stronger relationship with our dogs. 
  2. Reactive Rehab – Excitement, Fear, Aggression, Oh My!: in this intensive seminar, we cover, the causes, goals, and modification methods of high-arousal (excitement, anxiety, fear, stress, and aggression) behavior in dogs. We present techniques that can help with management while working towards solving the root cause of the problems. 
  3. Rescue 411 – How to Jump Into the Rescue World Feet First: this seminar/orientation is a complete guide on all things rescue. Attendees will learn about the intricacies of working with homeless pets – from roles and resources to etiquette and best practices.
  4. Foster 411 – How to be Successful and Avoid Burning Out: which is a seminar on fostering homeless dogs. We help potential foster dissect the dogs coming into their homes – which means likes, dislikes, medical needs, behavioral needs, etc – and use uniform terminology to communicate those needs to board members, admin, other fosters/volunteers, potential adopters, and the public.
  5. Enrichment Making Parties for Homeless Pets – twice a year (July and December), we host enrichment (tug ropes, snuffle mats, etc) making parties to benefit our Rescue Partners. We supply all the materials and attendees get to create something fun for homeless pets in our community.

If you visit the Seminars and Events page and don’t see a particular seminar, don’t worry! Keep checking back to see if we’ve added a new date/time.

In addition, we have created a lot of on-demand webinar content, which is housed on our Online Dog Training page.

We do! Currently, we rent the multi-purpose room at Unleashed/Animall inside Cary Towne Center for our Enrichment Making Parties for Homeless Pets and Meagan teaches her “Becoming a Dog Trainer” course at Wake Tech’s North Campus. In addition, if you have a room that fits at least fifteen people and has electricity and internet/WiFi, we’ll present any of our seminars for a flat fee. 

Right now, we host Enrichment Making Parties for Homeless Pets as well as Pet Portrait Painting Parties. Throughout the year, we also invite other dog trainers and dog professionals to use our space to host their own seminars, workshops, or other events. In addition, we also attend various pet-friendly events throughout the year. If you visit our Calendar page, you can see any of our upcoming events.

Each year, we attend many pet-friendly events: Unleashed’s Spring Fling, Second Chance’s Racing for Rescues, the SPCA’s K9-3K and Woofstock, Out! Raleigh, Saving Grace’s 5K, Sit Stay NCMA, Pet Palooza, Dog Days in Cary, Canine Contest, NCSU’s Canine Olympics, and more! If you’re looking for vendors for a pet-friendly event, let us know!