At All Dogs Allowed, we occasionally like to dabble in potential new class options, either for training or enrichment. These Mini Classes can range in topics from rally obedience to yoga/fitness with your dog, from canine freestyle (dancing with your dog) to group walks at a local park. How about playing interactive games to discover your dog’s cognitive profile? Or exploring urban herding (treibball)? If it’s something new and exciting, but not yet part of our regularly scheduled Group Classes, you’ll find it here. All of our Mini Classes are held in an indoor, temperature-controlled facility, unless stated on the individual class.

Some of these classes are a curriculum, meaning they have a set start date, end date, and set number of sessions. This is so that all students learn the same information in the order needed to be successful. Others are on-going classes, where you can begin coming to class at any time, weekly attendance is not required, and there are no makeup lessons required for missed weeks. Please click on each of the class products to read about each course and whether or not it is a curriculum or on-going class.