In this presentation, one of our trainers will be taking a break from teaching dogs their manners to teach something even more important for dog-owning families and kids everywhere – safety around dogs! Bringing both fun and energy into educating some of the tiniest members of our community about the right way to behave around dogs, this presentation will help keep our kids safe and our dogs happy. :)

From 11am-12pm will be a presentation of “I Speak Doggie”, a simple, yet comprehensive, program designed specifically for preschool-aged kids. The aim of this program is to be really entertaining for the kids while also showcasing appropriate interactions with dogs. Plus, they get to practice the right way to pet a dog which makes them feel more comfortable and empowered.

From 12pm-1pm will be a “Dog Stars” presentation for elementary-aged kids. The aim of the program is to increase appropriate child-dog interactions in order to decrease stress (for both kids and dogs). The kids get to watch videos and play games that help them really understand dogs and then take home colorful, interactive handouts to help educate their parents too.

Both presentations are fun for the parents as well, so you’ll be as entertained and excited about learning as your kids are! :)

While most bite prevention programs focus on what to do when a stray or aggressive dog approaches a child, both “I Speak Doggie” and “Dog Stars” represent a whole new take on dog safety. With 50% of children bitten by the time they are 12 years old, and 77% of all bites coming from a known dog (the family dog or a friend’s dog), the importance of teaching kids how to behave safely around the dogs they spend time with cannot be understated.

These two simple, fun and interactive programs focus on teaching kids how to stay safe the dogs they know and love. Each are only 45 minutes long and use music videos to get this important message across – with lyrics so catchy, kids (and parents!) keep singing about dog safety long after the workshop is over.

Please note, there will be a live dog at the presentation. The kids will not have to touch (or even get close to) the dog if they don’t want to. There will also be stuffed animals to demonstrate with and practice on.

This presentation has no cost and will take place at All Dogs Allowed in Cary!