Do you know what’s inside your dog’s brain, body, and heart? Are you ready to discover how unique your dog truly is – by assessing his cognitive abilities, discovering his DNA & genetics, and learning what keeps him happy and healthy?

Doggie & Me is broken up into two separate (but important) sessions: the first session, which takes place at All Dogs Allowed – Canine Training & Behavior Center in Cary, will focus on getting to know your dog on a deeper level, by learning who he truly is on the inside. This two-hour session, with a professional dog trainer, includes:

  • A canine DNA test – we swab your dog’s cheek, collect your information, and send out a Wisdom Panel 4.0 test. This DNA report will include key breeds detected (as well as breed history, appearance, and behavior), medical condition screening, and trait analysis.
  • A cognitive assessment to determine your dog’s Dognition profile – the Dognition assessment tests five cognitive dimensions: empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning to discover a distinct combination of characteristics that shape your dog’s approach to everyday life. Is your dog a stargazer, a charmer, an expert, or something else entirely?
  • A pawprint painting from your dog to you and a homemade tug rope toy – with help from your instructor, your dog will paint you a no-mess pawprint painting for you to take home.
  • Time with a professional dog trainer to talk about your dog’s behavior and get tips/tricks to achieve better behavior and a stronger bond.

The second session, which takes place in the comfort of your home, will focus on learning about your dog’s personal medical and nutritional needs. This one-hour session, with Melanie Hampton from Serenity Pet Massage, includes:

  • A 30-minute introductory massage for your dog (sorry humans!) – your dog will get some much-needed stress relief and you’ll learn more about your dog’s body and any medical needs that might be forming.
  • Time with Melanie Hampton – a registered Veterinary Technician, certified Canine Massage Therapist, certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner, Healing Touch for Animals® – Advanced Proficiency Practitioner, Pet Tech® Instructor, and certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist – to talk about anything you’ve ever wanted to know about your dog’s health and wellness.

*Please note, if you do not live within Melanie’s service area – no worries! We can schedule your second session at All Dogs Allowed as well.