Renting the Training Center



Have a dog who would love to run around with friends, play “find it” or fetch, use our food puzzle toys, practice their skills, or just plain have fun while off-leash in our temperature controlled facility? Rent the training center and get the training room all to yourself! For the cost of the package, you get 10 one-hour sessions and you can schedule for anytime the training center is not in use.

When you rent the training center, you can:

  • Host a play date – we allow up to 6 dogs per family and up to three dogs who do not live together to play off-leash in our training room at a time.
  • Play fetch or “find it” games – we have an electronic ball throwing device!
  • Use our selection of food puzzle toys.
  • Practice your manners and obedience commands in a familiar environment.
  • Just get out of the house and hang out with your best friend while using our WiFi and temperature controlled facility.

– Please note, these packages are for renting the training room only with limited access to certain equipment. While an instructor will be on-site, this package is not for private training lessons or for private activities – our Private Activities package is for using the agility equipment, doing nosework, completing your Dognition Profile (unless you are working on this on your own), learning a new trick, etc.

– Anyone under 18 years of age participating in a rental must have a parent or guardian in attendance at all times while at the training center.

– Anyone renting the training center must agree to play with and interact with their dog in a humane way. No hitting or yelling at your dog, no throwing things at your dog, no choke chain or prong collar corrections, etc. Any harsh or inhumane treatment of dogs will not be tolerated.

– Rental time may be shared by up to three people with dogs who are not of the same family. The primary renter must have a security deposit on file and will be the person responsible for any damages.

– All renters must clean up after their dogs if they go to the bathroom in the training space. All other cleaning will be done by All Dogs Allowed but please do not move agility or nosework equipment, cubby totes, or storage shelves/storage units.

– There is a one-time security deposit for renting the training center of $50 that will be refunded at the end of the 10 sessions, unless the renter wishes to continue with another Renting the Training Center package. The security deposit will be not be refunded in the case of failure to abide by training center policies. If training center policies are violated by the renter or any persons attending with the renter, access to the rental properties may be revoked. In this case, the security deposit and remaining sessions may not be refunded.

– We apologize to other dog trainers in the area, but “Renting the Training Center” may not be used for teaching private lessons to your clients.