Puppy Starters Group Class - Sophie - Cary NC

Successful Socialization – Wednesdays 6pm-7pm – Rolling Admission Class


Product Description

Imagine an indoor, temperature-controlled, off-leash puppy park where a lifeguard is always “on duty” – this interactive class offers a perfect balance of education and socialization! While your puppy plays off-leash (with trainer supervision), you’ll learn about their unique social behavior, social preferences, appropriate vs. inappropriate play, on- and off-leash greetings, dog body language, and more! You’ll learn how to properly socialize your puppy outside of the classroom and even go on “scavenger hunts” with them.

We also tackle manners – potty training, crate training, play biting, jumping on people, and destructive chewing – and obedience – sit, down, and focus – while not overwhelming the puppies or moving too quickly. Our Successful Socialization class is designed to put you and your puppy in a fun and successful learning environment. Our primary focus is to give you the skills you’ll need so that you’ll form lifelong bonds and raise your puppy to be a well-socialized, well-mannered adult. This class promises to get you and your puppy excited for training.

– The appropriate ages for this class are any puppies under 15 weeks of age at the start of class. Any puppy over 16 weeks of age should enroll in our Puppy Starters class and any puppies six months or older are welcome to sign up for our Doggie Dates class to socialize with more age-appropriate dogs.

– This class meets weekly, at the designated time, for the next four weeks. If your puppy is younger than 15 weeks of age when your package is complete, you are more than welcome to sign up a second time.

– Since spots go quickly, we require both pre-registration and non-refundable pre-payment to reserve a spot. This helps you (and other interested owners) know exactly which sessions are still available.

– We like to keep our class size small – so we limited it to six puppies enrolled so that the puppies aren’t overwhelmed each session.

– If you have two puppies, living within the same family, that you’d like to bring together, please use coupon code “2nddog” for 50% off your second puppy’s registration fee.

Behavior challenges (such as severe on-leash reactivity – barking, growling, and/or lunging at others while on leash – excessive barking, separation anxiety, confinement distress, extreme fearfulness of people or dogs, or aggression) cannot be covered in a group class setting. If you are already experiencing this type behavior with your puppy, please check out our private training options. This way, we can tailor a training program to tackle your puppy’s individual needs.

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