We have small group class sizes for more personal attention from your instructor!

From social to fearful, special needs to rescue dogs – all dogs are welcome!

We can train at our center in Cary, in the comfort of your home, or around town!

You will learn how to get the behavior you want out in the real world!

We aren’t just training dogs – we’re changing lives!

Group Classes

You’re invited to join us for fun, welcoming classes to help you teach your dog to listen to you – using modern, positive reinforcement training that will change your dog’s behavior, without changing his personality. Our small group classes are a great way to learn in a safe, temperature-controlled facility with other families, just like you!

Private Training

Our one-on-one training programs are the perfect way to get personal attention and flexible scheduling so that your dog will listen to you reliably and those unwanted behaviors will be resolved (like jumping on guests and dragging you down the street!). We can meet for lessons at our facility in Cary, in the comfort of your home, and out around town!

Seminars & Events

Great dog owners and trainers know that learning is an ongoing process. We often hear the phrase, “Knowledge is Power!” which can mean fewer gray hairs, more enjoyable outings, and a better relationship between you and your dog. All Dogs Allowed offers seminars on common topics and concerns for pet parents and professionals alike!

When you got your dog, you imagined strolls through the park, patio dining at your favorite restaurant, and evenings cuddling on the couch. Instead, your dog is difficult to walk, barks at guests, and doesn’t listen to you. Don’t worry! We can help!

If you’re struggling with your dog’s behavior and reading through dog training websites makes you feel as though everything is written in a foreign language, we’re here to make it easy for you! Click here to read more about our services and find the best program for your needs and goals!

Are you ready to have a well-behaved dog?