Training your dog to positively change the way they view their world.

You’ve seen trainers, been to group classes, but you just want more, and need help paving the road for your continued training journey.

We get it! That’s why we want to be more involved and hands-on in your adventure with your doggo!

Day Training is a unique and effective approach to training your beloved canine companion. It is not your typical dog daycare service but rather a specialized program designed to provide training, structure, and enrichment for your dog during the day while you are busy.

Unlike board & train, we do not keep your dog over night and they get to stay part of your lives while we work on behaviors together.

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for your furry friend. Our focus on training and your active involvement ensures that your dog develops the skills and behaviors necessary to thrive both at home and in various social settings.


We can help with behaviors such as:

    • Manners and obedience
    • Generalizing and distraction proofing while maintaining behaviors
    • Dog social skills and appropriate play/engagement
    • Engage/Disengage Games to create positive associations
    • Recall in different environments
    • Leash Skills including reactivity
    • Mat work & settling
    • Enrichment and Confidence Building
    • Cooperate Care

Specialized Programs:

    • Settle and Stay Program for confinement and separation anxiety training
    • Cautious Canine Program for fearful and nervous dogs

If you are interested in getting started with Day Training or have any questions, please fill in the form below!

Multiple training sessions for your dog with highly qualified and devoted trainers
A safe and caring environment
to help your dog generalize
behaviors to all aspects of life
Be a part of a team and work
1-on-1 with your dog’s
favorite people

Frequently Asked Questions

During your consultation, we will assess their suitability for day training. Here are some things we look for during that consultation:

Day training is an excellent fit for dogs who:

  • Are adolescents or adults
  • Need extra enrichment and structure
  • Are Life Enthusiasts! These dogs LOVE life and everything it has to offer and need help learning to settle
  • Need help building confidence on surfaces or in new situations

Day training is not a great fit for dogs who have:

  • Confinement anxiety about being in a crate or kennel
  • Significant leash or barrier reactivity
  • Intense fear or anxiety around new people or dogs

No, we do not keep your dog overnight. The half day sessions are from 8-12 or 1-5. Full day sessions are from 8-5. Our day training is a great option for if you want a trainer to kick start your dogs training but you don’t want to miss them for 2+ weeks like a traditional board and train.

  1. Book a consultation with one of the day training staff. During this session at our center, we go over goals and expectations.
  2. Book your dog in for a half day trial day. This is to ensure that your pup is able to be comfortable and learn at our center without you present!
  3. Buy a package and book in for either half or full day sessions!

After each day you will receive a report card with video links to the training sessions. Throughout your package you will also schedule transfer sessions with your dogs primary trainer to go over the skills and behaviors learned.

Depending on the age of the dog they need to be up to date on their age appropriate vaccines (DHPP). If they are old enough they need their Rabies and Bordetella. We also strongly recommend the canine influenza vaccine.

Here is a great resource on dog vaccine schedules : AAHA recommendations 

Dogs need to be at least 5 months old to be eligible for Day Training. However, we are open to allow younger ages depending on situation.

Although it would be highly ideal, we are open to scheduling a trial day to assess your dog’s behavior. In between training sessions, your dog will be in a kennel (4′ x 4′ ). While they are in there, they will have access to water and enrichment items, such as Kongs or food puzzles. If your dog does not have a history of shredding their beds, you are welcome to bring one from home.

While Dog Day Training is highly effective and beneficial for many dogs, it’s essential to understand that it is not a cure-all solution for all behavioral issues. Some complex behavioral problems may require additional one-on-one training or behavior modification programs. Our trainers will provide honest assessments and recommendations based on your dog’s unique needs.

Consultation : $100
Trial Day: $83

Half Day Package:

  • 4 day package: $352 plus 1 transfer session
  • 6 day package: $500 plus 2 transfer sessions
  • 12 day package: $948 plus 4 transfer sessions

Full Day Package:

  • 4 day package: $540 plus 1 transfer session
  • 6 day package: $769 plus 2 transfer sessions
  • 12 day package: $1458 plus 4 transfer sessions