Check out our video of Highway doing nosework for confidence! He is a nervous dog who would have never been brave enough to stick his head in a strange box! In the video you can hear his mom say, “Who is this dog?!” He was so excited and brave only after a few sessions!

Nosework For Fun is an enrichment activity based on K9 Scent Sports where your dog is trained to find food, toys, or other target odors! Dogs must navigate their environment and follow their nose to their reward, independent of their handler. 

Nosework has a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Building your dog’s confidence
  • Developing optimism
  • Fulfilling high energy dogs
  • Giving sniffy dogs an excellent outlet
  • Cultivating self-regulation

Unlike many other highly physical sports, Nosework is accessible for ALL dogs of ALL ages, breeds, sizes, and physical capabilities.

Intro To Nosework

Package Price : $200

Number of Classes : 6


This class teaches the foundations of nose-oriented searches for food. During this class, we focus on building your dog’s confidence in searches, problem solving skills, and developing a love for scent work.

After you have completed our Intro to Nosework For Fun course, you may enroll in either Search For Birch or Super Sniffers.

Search For Birch

Package Price : $220

Number of Classes : 6


In Search For Birch we transition dogs to searching for Birch, the standard odor for K9 Scent Sports. This class builds on the foundation from our Intro class, introducing more advanced searches to develop additional problem solving skills. 

All students are given a Birch Starter Kit so they can continue to search outside of class!

Please email to join the waitlist for our Searching For Birch Class

Super Sniffers

Package Price : $200

Number of Classes : 6

Rolling Admission

In Super Sniffers, previously “Nosework Level 2”, we continue working with food or Birch in more challenging searches. All Super Sniffer Students begin working outdoors, on vehicles, and with suspended hides. 

Teams who have taken our Search For Birch class will also be introduced to buried hides, submerged hides, and work around other scent distractions.

Please email to join the waitlist for our Super Sniffer Class

If you cannot make any of the scheduled classes due to distance or timing, we also offer remote Nosework lessons via Zoom. Please fill out the Contact Us form and a trainer will reach out to you.

We’re sorry, but our group classes do not cover behavior challenges such as severe on-leash reactivity (barking, growling, and/or lunging at others while on leash), excessive barking, separation anxiety, confinement distress, extreme fearfulness of people or dogs, or aggression. If you are experiencing any of these behaviors, please check out our private training options.