If you are first starting off, consider one of our puppy programs. These two age-appropriate classes have been heralded by our clients as “The Best Puppy Classes in the Entire Triangle!” because each class is designed to cover manners and obedience, while also providing a positive socialization environment. Training should begin early in a dog’s life and attending a puppy class is a great way to start building their love for learning (and you!). Depending on your puppy’s age, you’ll either start in Successful Socialization and move to Puppy Starters OR jump right into our Puppy Starters class. Both classes will cover basic obedience commands and prepare your puppies for adult training classes such as Foundations, Agility for Fun, or Canine Good Citizen prep classes.


Successful Socialization

Imagine an indoor, temperature-controlled, off-leash puppy park where a lifeguard is always “on duty” – this interactive class offers a perfect balance of education and socialization! While your puppy plays off-leash (with trainer supervision), you’ll learn about their unique social behavior, social preferences, appropriate vs. inappropriate play, on- and off-leash greetings, dog body language, and more! You’ll learn how to properly socialize your puppy outside of the classroom and even go on “scavenger hunts” with them.

We also tackle manners – potty training, crate training, play biting, jumping on people, and destructive chewing – and obedience – sit, down, their name, etc. – while not overwhelming the puppies or moving too quickly. Our Successful Socialization class is designed to put you and your puppy in a fun and successful learning environment. Our primary focus is to give you the skills you’ll need so that you’ll form lifelong bonds and raise your puppy to be a well-socialized, well-mannered adult. This class promises to get you and your puppy excited for training.

Age Requirements: under 15 weeks at the start of class
Class Duration: one hour sessions once a week for four weeks

Puppy Starters

Our Puppy Starters is more than your typical puppy class! This is our most popular class, and it’s praised by experienced and first-time owners alike because we set the right foundation. We believe training should be fun, so everything is age-appropriate. If your puppy was too old to attend our Successful Socialization class, no worries! Our Puppy Starters class has all the same socializing elements so that you can start off on the right “paw”. We’ll also give you new ways to socialize and help your puppy grow.

This class follows the AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy program to teach our puppies basic obedience – sit, down, come, drop it, etc. – while also nipping any naughty behaviors that are arising – potty training troubles, play biting, jumping on people, destructive chewing, and pulling on leash. Like our Successful Socialization class, Puppy Starters is designed to give your puppy a fun and successful learning environment. Our primary focus is on the skills you’ll need to continue bond-building and raising your new puppy to be a well-socialized, well-mannered adult.

Age Requirements: 16 weeks – 24 weeks (under 6 months) at the start of class
Class Duration: one hour sessions once a week for seven weeks (the first week is a humans-only orientation)
Bonuses: AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test ($20 value) is included and will take place at graduation