About All Dogs Allowed

What We Do:

We train dogs to listen anywhere – at home, in the training center, out in public, with distractions of other dogs, new and familiar people, and more! At All Dogs Allowed, we don’t just want you to get results in the moment – we want you to understand why you got them, how to get them in the future, and how to apply the techniques to other behavior. This is why we give you the skills you need to make dog training easy, reliable, and long-lasting. Our aim is for you to understand how your dog learns so you can communicate, learn, and grow together. Our clients are often amazed at how, by changing just a few habits at home, you can create the perfect environment for a better-behaved dog, and better relationship with them! By using this approach, we coach you to become a dog trainer yourself – one who can solve even the most difficult behavior problems by addressing the root causes of bad behavior and fixing them from the inside.

How We Do It:

As dog owners ourselves, we asked, ‘What’s wrong with most dog training programs and how can we get the results you need?’ Well, we make training fun and easy by using practical, modern training techniques that are efficient and convenient to add to your everyday routine. These techniques are family-friendly and allow you to better communicate with your dog what behaviors you like and which behaviors you hate. Most commonly, our clients chose to do training with us because our results are long-lasting and life-changing. Since we specialize in giving you the skills you need to change your dog’s behavior without suppressing his personality, we will never use choke/check chains, prong/pinch collars, or electronic/remote collars. With the right tools, and a little dog psychology, we can help you break the language barrier with your dog so you can do things with your dog you never thought possible.

Why It Works:

Any healthy relationship needs communication and mutual boundaries. What many dog owners don’t realize is that there is a language barrier between them and their dog and that barrier can make for an awkward relationship and bad communication. Since dogs communicate with their bodies, and they learn from environmental information like a scent, sound, touch, and reading body language, most dog owners aren’t naturally equipped with the tools they need to communicate with their dogs in a way that’s powerful and meaningful to the dog. Even many dog trainers out there don’t realize this and it’s the number one reason why other companies and their methods can fall short, don’t truly eliminate behavior problems, and leave you and your dog feeling frustrated. With All Dogs Allowed, we want you to be successful without us and we don’t hold back  – that’s why we teach you how to become a dog trainer yourself. By learning to speak dog and equipping yourself with tools and techniques that will actually help you, you’ll have the skills you need to have the dog you’ve always dreamed of.

Meet the Trainers

Owner of All Dogs Allowed – Behavior Specialist

Meagan has an extensive background which includes working with owned and homeless dogs in 5 states: Alabama, Maine, Georgia, Utah, and North Carolina. She now lives in Cary, NC with her long-term boyfriend, Jeff, and their rescue dogs – Olive and Theodore. Before moving to the Triangle, she worked in southern Utah for Best Friends Animal Society with dogs who had been deemed too extreme (medically or behaviorally) for adoption at their former shelter. She has aided in the successful rehabilitation of dogs rescued from puppy-mills, dogfighting operations (including the Michael Vick dogs), hoarding, and abuse/neglect. Meagan has experienced, firsthand, the canine-human bond that is created through training, is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners share in that fabulous experience, and believes training should be fun whenever possible.

Meagan on the board of directors for the Friends of Wake County Animal Center and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the International Association of Canine Professionals, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is an evaluator for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen and the APDT’s Canine Life and Social Skills tests. She is also a mentor for aspiring trainers through Wake Technical Community College, Animal Behavior College, and CATCH Dog Training Academy. She has a passion for presenting for large groups and has been a guest speaker at public and private venues all over the Triangle. In her spare time, she volunteers for local animal welfare organizations and proactive rescues, is learning German and American Sign Language, is a hard-core video gamer, and knows a little too much about the Lord of the Rings universe.

In the News – Videos, Interviews, and Articles

Over the last decade, Meagan has made quite an online presence and have been involved in a number of interviews, articles, videos, and publications. Here is a small list of what she has been a part of:
Featured Training Advocate for the Dogly Community platform
Interviewed by CBS17’s Kelly Kennedy on the lack of regulations in the dog training industry
Follow-up to the above story (interviewed by CBS17’s Kelly Kennedy)
Bonus: Behind-the-Scenes video with Theo
Another interview with CBS17’s Kelly Kennedy on the lack of regulations in the dog training industry
Taught a Lifetime Learning Class on Dog Training and Psychology 101
Interviewed by Jasey Day for AKC’s Pet Insurance blog post on dog body language and calming signals
Interviewed for Best Friend Animal Society’s News Story on Jude, a dog who learned to enjoy the company of other dogs
Interviewed for Best Friend’s Animal Society’s News Story on Yzma, a dog rescued from a 130 dog hoarding case
Wrote many journal updates for Best Friend Animal Society’s Guardian Angel, Kuzco, a deaf dog who needed training
Photographed for Best Friend Animal Society’s Guardian Angel Katelyn’s journal updates

Behavior Specialist

L-Trainer-Bio-7312Lindsay joins All Dogs Allowed with a background in animal rescue efforts which includes working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments at one of the most run down and underfunded shelters in North Carolina. She is also a core volunteer for Best Friend Pet Adoption, a local all-foster rescue group. She lends her professional photography, marketing, and training skills to BFPA and spends much of her time working with the foster dogs in their care. After experiencing first hand, the impacts of positive reinforcement training, Lindsay made it her mission to not only spread the message of science-based training, but to expand her knowledge so she could deliver it herself. Being a part of BFPA allows her to help get dogs into good homes, and joining ADA has allowed her to share techniques that ensure these dogs remain a part of their families and are not given up due to behavior issues. Lindsay continues to expand her knowledge through conferences, workshops, academies, and seminars taught by industry professionals. Her specialties include private training with reactive, shy and fearful dogs as well as providing support to clients who are integrating a new dog into their home.

Lindsay currently lives in Durham with her husband, Jason, and beloved rescue dog, Sage. When she isn’t working at her full-time marketing job, volunteering for BFPA or training at ADA, she can be found hiking in the woods with Sage and her camera.

Group Class Instructor

Kim grew up in northeast Ohio and moved to North Carolina with her family over 15 years ago. While in Ohio, she worked as a corporate trainer and learned best practices to use when teaching adult humans. She also spent time shadowing a dog trainer to observe the many training methods that are utilized in training of pet dogs. Once in North Carolina, she learned the many benefits of positive training over 10 years ago when she started working with pets and future service animals. Since then, she has trained many dogs of different breeds, mixes, personalities, sizes, and ages (yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks). Kim is an evaluator for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and also fosters and trains prospective service dogs. She has personally witnessed the intimate bond between handlers and their dogs and the freedom that is found through their teamwork. She enjoys using her knowledge and experiences to not only train dogs, but also train their humans – providing them with the most effective tools to accomplish their desired behaviors.

In her spare time, Kim is a baseball/basketball mom who enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and their latest family addition – a Rottweiler puppy named Zeus.

Group Class Instructor

Katie has spent the last twenty-one years in the customer service industry and the last seven were spent managing an award-winning dog daycare. While there, she fell in love with teaching and training the staff about dog health, body language, and, most importantly, how to train using positive reinforcement. She also helped to educate new and established clients about their dogs’ behavior during off-leash group play, health, and overall wellbeing.

Katie has also been a devoted foster parent with Carolina Boxer Rescue for the past four years. She has taken in dogs that come from the streets, shelters, or various other bleak circumstances. Each foster is different in terms of age, temperament, and energy level and they may have a variety of behavioral issues. Katie welcomes them into her home, evaluates their needs and, using positive reinforcement training methods, helps them to become as adoptable as possible. Due to the homeless dog epidemic, Katie’s passion for training comes from the desire to educate the community about preventing common behavioral issues and providing a stable home environment.

Katie currently lives in Clayton with her husband, Zack, and their two boxers, Jojo and Patty. In her spare time she enjoys listening to talk radio, dabbling in dog photography, and spoiling her nieces.

Owner of Serenity Pet Massage – Registered Veterinary Technician – HTA-AP® and Reiki Practitioner – Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist – Pet Tech Instructor

melanieMelanie is a partner with All Dogs Allowed through her company Serenity Pet Massage. She started her career of working with animals as a Registered Veterinary Technician and has spent over 30 years working in various animal hospital settings; large/small animal combined, small animal, feline only, and a veterinary surgical practice. She began her interest in helping animals live healthier lives by getting her certification in Canine Massage Therapy in 2013. Since then she has become a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner, Healing Touch for Animals® – Advanced Proficiency Practitioner, Pet Tech® Instructor, and a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She strongly believes in a holistic approach to overall health and well-being for both humans and animals. Through massage and energy work, she is able to help animals with both physical and emotional issues. She teaches Pet CPR, First Aid, and Care classes at All Dogs Allowed. Along with the PetSaver classes, she also offers a Pet Nutrition seminar, helping pet parents understand the ingredient label and how they can affect their animal’s health, well-being, and even their behavior. She also offers individual nutrition coaching sessions. She is always looking for new ways to help animal’s and their people.

In her spare time, she volunteers at Wake County Animal Center and with Vets to Vets United. She shares her home with her husband, her three dogs “Willow, Dixie, and Gypsy”, and her three cats “Sammie, Mork, and Marley”. She enjoys kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking when there is time in her busy schedule to sneak it in!

Lead Behavior Modification Assistant – Fluent in Dog Body Language – Official Tester of New Classes – Passed away in April 2018

Porkchop was born and raised in Alabama (we assume, that’s why she’s an “Alabama Gargoyle”), before getting adopted by Meagan Thomas and traveling the country. She has officially lived in Alabama, Maine, Georgia, Utah, and North Carolina, and has peed in 27 states. Chop lends her expertise as a member of the canine community by assisting in both group classes and private training sessions. She specializes in helping reactive or defense dogs make better choices and feel comfortable around her. She has experienced, firsthand, the power of positive, relationship-based training and helps dogs and their owners build the same bond she shares with Meagan. Oh, she also believes kibble should never come from a dog bowl and prefers a food puzzle or food dispensing toy whenever possible.

In her spare time, she loves napping (no really, she loves naps, she really loves naptime – a couple naps, then a nap, then she’s ready for bed), agility for fun, nosework for fun, playing off-leash with friends, showing off how fast she is, and taking walks around the neighborhood and local parks. Her nicknames include: Chop Chop, The Chop, Poop-Head Chop, Baby Porkchopaleeze, Evil Doctor Porkchop, Nine Nipples Chop: Fastest Dog in the West, The Mini Pooper, Mrs. Poop Poop, Chop Chop Grey Beard, The Poop Scoop Riot, The Gargoyle, Chippy Chop, Chippy Pollen Chin, Chippy, Chicky, Chickpea, Chickabee, Momma’s Baby, and My Love.

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