Logan Buie

Group Class Instructor & Private Trainer

Pronouns: (she/her/hers)

Logan found her love for dog training after her rescue dog, JJ, began showing signs of reactivity to dogs and separation anxiety. She began reading everything she could about positive reinforcement based dog training, and soon knew that she had to pursue a career in training. She shadowed the trainers at All Dogs Allowed before joining the team as a trainer, and she has experience teaching learners of all ages as a science educator.

Logan is passionate about the science behind animal behavior and helping people learn how to read dog body language to understand the emotional state of their dogs. She has seen firsthand the power of positive training, and is excited to help both people and their dogs feel more confident while training. Logan also volunteers at the Duke Lemur Center, because she is obsessed with all kinds of animal training – not just with dogs! She hopes to one day train zoo animals as well as household pets.

In her spare time, Logan likes to listen to dog training podcasts while baking homemade bread, do yoga (with her pup trying to lay on the mat), and post on her dog’s Instagram.

Credentials & Continuing Education

Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), Separation Anxiety Professional Trainer (SAPT)