Sage Sanders

Group Class Assistant & Day Training Assistant

Pronouns: (she/her/hers)

From a young age, Sage found joy in animal breeding and training online games. This ignited a lifelong fascination with animal behavior and genetics.

Over the past three years, she has dedicated her time to kennel work, gaining invaluable experience in caring for and understanding the needs of hundreds of canine companions. Her deep interest in training led her to successfully clicker train her cats, demonstrating the effectiveness of positive reinforcement on any species!

Sage’s own puppy taught her the extra work needed to help overexcited dogs with no outlet. She booked him with a Puppy Starters class and fell in love watching him learn to focus, finally realizing All Dogs Allowed was where she wanted to be.

Sage is now working towards becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer by assisting in several weekday classes and taking courses at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. In her spare time she enjoys science podcasts, digital art, and fun trick training with her dog Salem.

Credentials & Continuing Education

PetTech CPR & First Aid Certified. Attended courses at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.