Intro to Nosework For Fun – Virtual


Nosework for Fun class offered by All Dogs Allowed.


Fun is the key word here! Does your dog love to use his nose? Why not enroll him in a Nosework for Fun class? Even if you think your dog has a “defective sniffer,” you’d be surprised at his ability to discover and locate individual scents. Do you have a shy or fearful dog? Nosework can be an excellent way to build independent confidence while still bonding with you. A great option for teams wanting to bond in a new way or who are looking for something new to try. All of our Nosework for Fun classes are held in and indoor, temperature-controlled facility, until individual teams are ready to tackle Nosework outside of the classroom.

*You must take at least one Intro to Nosework class with All Dogs Allowed before enrolling in our Nosework for Fun 1 class.*


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