If you are interested in signing up for an on-going class with All Dogs Allowed – Dynamic Dogs, CGC Prep, Trick Dog, Agility for Fun, Cautious Canines, etc – but have not attended classes with All Dogs Allowed before, you must purchase a Meet and Greet session with us first. If you have taken training classes with another trainer in the past, you should be able to jump right into one of our on-going classes with no problem. If you have not attended a training class with your dog before, it is not recommended that you start with an on-going class. Even if it looks like you and your dog already know the material covered in our Foundations class, we can promise you that’s not the case. The Foundations class covers the fundamentals of Marker Training – including six different ways to train good behavior, three different ways to nip naughty behavior (without using pain, fear, or intimidation), as well as lots teach other troubleshooting and problem-solving methods. Even if your dog already knows sit, down, wait, come, etc., we will be using the techniques learned in the Foundations class in our on-going classes to teach bigger and better behavior. It would be like trying to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels or attempting algebra without understanding the value of numbers. We want you to be successful with us and in the long-term and can’t wait to meet you!

As always, please keep in mind that behavior challenges (such as severe on-leash reactivity – barking, growling, and/or lunging at others while on leash – excessive barking, separation anxiety, confinement distress, extreme fearfulness of people or dogs, or aggression) cannot be covered in a group class setting. If you are experiencing this type behavior with your dog, please check out our private training options. This way, we can tailor a training program to tackle your dog’s individual needs.