Online Training Partnership


Even if you have a designated, in-person training partner, our Online Training Partnership will help you reach more fosters and volunteers within your organization without stretching your in-person trainer too thin.



This program is the best option for organizations who are not local to the Triangle or have foster homes that cannot make the drive to our physical training center.

For a reoccurring monthly fee, All Dogs Allowed will broadcast weekly to a closed Facebook group and YouTube playlist (your fosters/volunteers must have internet access and the ability to join the video, of course). In the weekly live videos, the trainer will cover training basic behaviors with a live dog and troubleshooting the most common training hiccups for that exercise. Later in the week, the trainer might also make another broadcast to answer questions that have been posted online by your fosters/volunteers during the week (if it wasn’t covered in a previous video), depending on if the answers are too in-depth to write a text comment. Lastly, we will post fun facts and myth-busting various dog training and rescue topics at least once a week. 

Each week will cover a different topic and set of behaviors. The schedule will be determined either by our training experts or topics your fosters/volunteers are struggling with to ensure the biggest reach for your organization and to get as much training in for the dogs in your care before adoption. Afterward, all live videos will be saved to the Facebook group for anyone who missed the live feed. They will be able to be viewed at any time again in the future.

In addition to the weekly live broadcast and video archives, your fosters/volunteers to have access to a searchable database of training advice from qualified trainers and have the ability to share experiences, advice, and support with other fosters/volunteers from all over the United States.

Lastly, your organization will pay a discounted private for private, one-on-one training sessions over Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts – $30 per session.

The total monthly fee is $25 and yearly fees are $250 (two months “free”). 


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