Rescue-Training Partnership


Even if you have a designated, in-person trainer, our Rescue-Training Partnership can help by assisting your fosters and volunteers with the easier-to-solve behaviors. This can free your regular trainer up to tackle the harder cases.



This program is the best option for rescue/shelter training because it ensures the fosters and volunteers get hands-on time with a qualified trainer.

For a reoccurring monthly fee, an All Dogs Allowed trainer will meet with members of your organization once a week (at All Dogs Allowed) to teach a private group class. The trainer will cover the basic training commands topic for the week, demonstrate with one of the attending dogs, and troubleshoot the most common training hiccups. We will allow a maximum of 6 dog/handler teams at the training center and it is the responsibility of your organization and its members to know if they are attending that week and to show up to the class.

Each week will cover a different topic and set of behaviors and the schedule will be set to a reoccurring four-week curriculum to ensure the biggest reach for your rescue/shelter and to get as much training in for the dogs in your care before adoption. Each month, the first four weeks will be dedicated to the basic training curriculum (common naughty behaviors as well as basic obedience cues) and, in any months where there is a fifth week, a bonus week will be dedicated to working with one of your “long-timers” or harder-to-adopt dogs.

In this bonus week, we can either:
a. evaluate for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen tests.
b. evaluate for the American Kennel Club’s Trick Dog titles.
c. play Dognition games to dissect cognitive dimensions and assign a Dognition profile.
d. use the training center, agility equipment, etc to create a promotional video (must provide your own photographer).

To get the most out of the four-week program, it is strongly recommended that the same dog/handler team attend each week for the entire class (not including the bonus week – any dog within your organization can attend that session). In the case of adoption, we encourage both the foster and the adopter to attend any remaining sessions. This will ensure the foster/volunteer is knowledgable in all the topics covered in this curriculum to give them a jump start on their next foster dog as well as give the adopter some free information to assist the dog in their new home.

Other bonuses of the program include:
1. access to our private Facebook group – outlined in the “Online Training Partnership” category ($25-$50 value) – for any of your volunteers or foster homes to join at no additional charge. For more information about this bonus group, please visit –
2. access to our Doggie Dates classes for shy dogs (please note, any dog entering the class must have passed a temperament test before attending the class as this class will not be used as a way to “test” a foster with other dogs). For more information about this bonus class, please visit –
3. access to our Successful Socialization class for when your organization has puppies. Fosters can start bringing the puppies as soon as the puppies are a. six weeks of age, b. have had their first round of vaccines, and c. have been in the foster’s home for seven days. Puppies can attend until they hit 15 weeks of age (or until they get adopted!). For more information about this bonus class, please visit –
4. testing for an updated version of the Wendy Volhard test for puppies to give your foster homes more insight into their puppy’s personality and needs to help them find their best home.
5. a discounted price for private, one-on-one training sessions for your organization – $50 per in-person session at All Dogs Allowed and $30 per online session via Skype/Google Hangouts.
6. being listed on our Resources page as a Rescue-Training Partner and the organization’s adoptable dogs will be promoted every so often on our social media outlets.
7. receive custom coupon codes for your adopters – $25 off any group class and $100 off any private training program to promote training to their adopters and help reduce returns to the rescue.

The total monthly fee for this option is $200 or a yearly option of $2000.


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